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Interviews Interviews Index Dave Bossert, Animator, Director Restorer Frank Nissen, Director of Cinderella III Brenda Song, "The Suite Life of Zack Cody" star Vince Papale, Inspiration for Invincible Ted Elliott Terry Rossio, Pirates of the Caribbean Jim Kammerud, Director of The Fox and the Hound.
Governor Ratcliffe, pocahontas (1995 voice: David Ogden Stiers, animator: Duncan Majoribanks.
From these votes, we bring you these results of the 30 villains who received the most points.Kaa is a likable villain, namely because his own pride gets in the way of him actually doing anything truly evil.Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.The toys only have to worry about their creative/destructive neighbor until Andy's family makes their upcoming move to a different part of town.In such a role Pete, with or without his "Peg Leg" was an ideal foil for not only Mickey, but also Donald and Goofy too.Pete Countless shorts, TV foto tagli con ciuffo laterale programs, tagliata di pollo come cucinarla and films, from "Alice Solves the Puzzle" (1925) to The Three Musketeers (2004) Voice: Billy Bletcher/Will Ryan/Arthur Burghardt/Jim Cummings Walt has remarked on many occasions that Mickey Mouse was the "everyman and it was Mickey's "can-do attitude" and "eternal optimism".She has also been honored as one of Glamour magazines Women of the Year and as one of Biography magazines 25 Most Influential Women.It seems like he just enjoys being mean to Mickey and Pluto.Personally, I don't think these appearances work so well - Pete should never be a manipulative plotter or successful criminal, it dilutes his appeal.Links: #2 in the Live Action Countdown.DisneyGirl Links on selected works featuring "Pete Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2 : DVD Review Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers : DVD Review Walt Disney on the Front Lines : DVD Review The Chronological Donald Volume 1 : DVD Review.And so, site visitors were asked to think of the strongest villains from Disney's animated and live action films.Stromboli Pinocchio (1940) Voice: Charles Judels Animator: Bill Tytla Five characters from Pinocchio received votes for this countdown, and Stromboli was at the top.There's something that clicks when such a detestable and corrupt individual confronts such likeable and innocent characters.Emme is an ambassador to The National Eating Disorders Association, honorary board member to Project Heal, and also donates her time to the Girl Scouts of America.
I clearly remember him laughing at Mickey whenever something unfortunate would happen to the star.
The results of a quick poll last summer of some potential future countdowns pointed to one clear winner: Disney villains.
See more » Connections Referenced in Jeopardy!: Episode #26.186 (2010) See more » Soundtracks Down The Field Written by Ralph Murphy, 15, Harold Lewis (as.
This boy spends his days destroying and disfiguring toys, even his sister's most treasured dolls.But these last few days are particularly dangerous for Buzz and Woody when they find themselves in the terror zone that is Sid's room.Emmes passion for nature and fitness fuels her active lifestyle, which includes snowshoeing, boogie boarding, bike-athons, hiking, yoga and swimming.James Reader My earliest memories in life, not surprisingly, are watching Mickey Mouse cartoons.And sometimes his ambitions have been somewhat grander.How he handles it and how he challenges Schwartzwalder to stand up for his players provide a counterpoint to several great seasons that lead first to a national championship and then to the Heismann Trophy.See more »"s Ben Schwartzwalder : I won't tell him he'll be the next Ernie Davis, because there'll never be another Ernie Davis.Brought to life with pencils, pixels, and (gasp) human performance, these thirty villains have made quite the impression on the moviegoing public all over the world.In theaters, its PG-rated intensity frightened children and upset parents expecting wholesome entertainment from the "Disney" name.Until he gets too old.DVD Review 3-Disc DVD Collector's Gift Set.October 2004, tHE TOP disney villain countdown, having already run countdowns of the best of Disney's animated classics, live action films, and songs, what would be next?However, as the exception to the rule, Pete's finest hour was his appearance as The Ghost of Christmas Future in "Mickey's Christmas Carol still a scene I consider to be one of the most atmospheric animated sequences of all time.The unmistakble Sterling Holloway voiced many a Disney character, but this is his one unequivocal baddie.

He's been a notorious Wild West outlaw several times, an Arab sultan on the lookout for new conquests for his harem and a scheming captain of the guard plotting to overthrow his royal masters on a couple of occasions.
So, if you have a character who represents the every man, who do you choose as his opponent?