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Leonardo da vinci's last supper fresco is unique for its

The arch and voucher sconto italo acerbic Leonardo, never a offerta volantino coop genova great fan of the clergy, replied that in all Milan he had been unable to unieuro cellulari offerte find a countenance sufficiently soaked in evil.
A bit of history about the Leonardo's Last Supper.
One of the most famous of Leonardos works is The Last Supper fresco in Italys second largest city, Milan, a masterpiece which has enjoyed a boost in recent years thanks to the incredible success of Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code.
Within five years the painting was crumbling.Jeżeli jesteś za filtrem sieci web, prosimy, upewnij się, że domeny *.kastatic.And yet it still fascinates visitors, a fascination only increased by its central role in Dan Browns.Did you know that the great fame of this masterpiece has awaken the interest of many historians, researchers and novelists who seek to solve the supposed mysteries and enigmas that surround this painting.To ensure that the fresco is maintained at room temperature, since the last restoration, visitor's' entry has been restricted to a group of 25 people every 15 minutes.Neither were talking about the subject matter of one of the worlds most important and moving works of art, but about centuries of appalling neglect, which saw Leonardos Last Supper assume the condition of a fly-blown poster on a subway wall.Henry James called it an illustrious invalid while Aldous Huxley called it the saddest work of art in the world.Other attractions in the area, milan is a big city full of surprises.
Its a dramatic spectacle, taking up a whole wall of the church, the life-size depictions of the figures contributing to the scenes drama.
Do you believe The Last Supper conspiracy theories from The Da Vinci Code?
The figures of the disciples are grouped in a triangular Trinity formation around Christ.
Youll find the painting in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.
Visitors should also make a trip to Milans Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum, which focuses on his work toward transport engineering, as well as his contribution to science.
Leonardo abandons the traditional method of fresco painting, painting the scene "dry" on the wall of the refectory.
How to visit the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci?Naturally, it is also possible to book a guided tour that may also include visiting other churches or attractions located in the center of Milan.Interior of church of Santa Maria dell Grazie.Several measures have now been implemented to protect the paint from deterioration.This artwork was painted between 14 under the government of Ludovico il Moro and represents the last "dinner" between Jesus and his disciples.He scoured the streets of Milan for more than two years, searching for faces to make the visages of the disciples.The publication of the book seems to have achieved the impossible, to make The Last Supper Leonardos most famed and viewed painting, outstripping the Mona Lisa.Leonardo Da Vinci was commissioned by Milans ruling Sforza family to create a fresco depicting The Last Supper in 1495.In a permanent process of restoration, due to its state of decay, first sight of it makes it clear exactly what James meant.