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Leonardo da vinci the great inventor

He was also a vegetarian because he taglio uomo corto lati did not believe in killing animals.
When his father found out that the boy was interested in painting, he sent him to an excellent painter and teacher.Today the Mona Lisa still hangs in the Louvre, which is now a museum.As a matter of fact, da Vinci started many projects that he never finished.At the age of 20 he became a student in the restaurant called «Three snails and a year later was put in charge of the kitchen.He used to buy birds just to let them free and to study their flights.Celebrating all sit at one table with only one hand.Da Vinci spent the last years of his life working for King Francis I of France.One day Leonardo taglio capelli corto per signora painted a beautiful angel in one of his teacher's pictures.He was a very mesterious, private man.He talked about interesting things and people laughed at his clever jokes.The most famous Italian Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci became famous as an artist, inventor, musician and scientist.And he became a wedding planner.But few know that he also organized the wedding, just as bright as all the life and work of this man.
Now it is one of the greatest treasures of the Louvre in Paris.
At this time, da Vinci showed great interest in table manners.
Model submarine Leonardo da Vinci.
In addition to working as an artist, he had also worked as an architect and engineer.
Car model of Leonardo da Vinci.Some historians even attribute to him the invention of the napkin.He was a strong and handsomem man.Da Vinci was greatly admired for his artistic talent and his skill in many areas.Many people thought that his scientific experiments were some kind of eveil magic.One by one, these «gods» you read a love poem to the newlyweds.

He also worked on his notebooks so they could be published after his death.
He stayed till he was nearly.