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Leonardo da vinci st jerome in the wilderness

W 374., gdy był poważnie chory, miał sen, który spowodował, że podjął decyzję o rezygnacji ze studiów na literaturą pogańską.
After his death, the piece was purchased by Pope Pius IX in 1856. .The panel made of vertically two boards of different widths and planed off on the e paint extends all the way to the edges of the panel.Among da Vincis catalog, this volantino offerte bennet settimo torinese is a rare painting which almost didnt survive.Obok leży lew, któremu zgodnie z tradycją a święty wyciągnął cierń z łapy, który utrudniał mu chodzenie, ratując mu w ten sposób życie.He purchased it from the Roman junk shop hoping to locate the missing segment, something he succeeded in doing several years afterwards.At this time in his life, Leonardo da Vinci was feeling low according to the entries in his diary.In his out-stretched right hand he clasps a rock, the penitent about to strike his own breast.
Z wdzięczności zwierzę pozostało przy nim, stając się w ten sposób jego atrybutem.
Pustynia jest przedstawiona jako wyimaginowany pejzaż urozmaicony skalistymi szczytami.
At some time in the past, the painting panel was cut into two and separated.
Jerome in the Wilderness is a half-completed piece but is valuable because of its rarity and for what is teaches us about his technique and approach to visual art.
There is widespread agreement regarding the dating of the painting.
The seams are even more obvious in person if you look at the painting at an angle so that the light grazes across the surfaces. .
Making this all the more dramatic is the setting of the subject against the dark background of a cave.Hieronima ze Strydonu, który pokutuje na pustyni w pobliżu dzisiejszej miejscowości.Według niektórych źródeł kardynał znalazł obraz w dwóch częściach, w odstępie kilku lat.Następnie szczęśliwym trafem natknął się na nie kardynał.Leonardos genius knowledge on human anatomy is impressively shown in his work with.Leonardo has rubbed the paint with his hand in a number of places, for example the sky and the rocks of the background.Jerome in the Wilderness with tempera and oil as medium on 103 x 75 cm panel is one of da Vincis unfinished works.Popular legend has it that the Cardinal Joseph Fesch(Napoleons uncle) discovered the part of the panel with the saints torso being offered as a table-top in a shop in Rome.He also experimented with materials and techniques. .

After his death, the piece was purchased by Pope Pius IX, between 18Since then the painting has remained in the uninterrupted possession of the Pinacoteca Vaticana.