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50, downloadable for free at m/vinyl_buyers_guide_2011.pdf ) will recall that I thought the Swiss table and arm set new standards of transparency and low-level resolution in vinyl playback, extending dynamic range on the p -to- pppp side in the same way that the great Walker.
Happily, in this case beauty is more than skin-deep, for the latest iteration of this design gem is also one of the best turntables and tonearms in the world.
Indeed, I compared the Da Vinci taglia siepe elettrica to the MartinLogan CLXesthose models of delicacy and detail at low levelsand the Walker to MBL X-Tremesthose dynamic dynamos at loud levels.
O p" /o I will have more to say about the Da Vinci Mk IIabout its low noise, its transparency to sources, its superb bass, its overall realismin my upcoming review.Da Vinci Audio Lab.Da Vinci Audio LabsIn UniSon Mk2 TurnTable and Tonearmused.Likewise, the magnetic ring embedded in the bottom of the platter has been redesigned; the platter itself now uses specially fabricated copper cylinders inlaid into dense aluminum alloy; and the whole she-bang has been optimized for a superior flywheel effect.The reason should be obvious to anyone with eyes: Its among the most beautiful hi-fi components in the world.In other words, both record players now encompass more of the dynamic range of real music, greatly reducing the differences between them (although there are still differences) and greatly lowering the character (which is to say, the characteristic colorations) of each.O p" /o Since then both turntables, the Walker and the Da Vinci, have been improved mightily and, ironically, both have extended their dynamic reach into the others territory.Provided that you have speakers capable of reproducing transients clearly (such as the Magico Q5s) and electronics that are equally transparent (such as those from Technical Brain you will be amazed by the incredibly lifelike way the Da Vinci front end sorts out violinst Gidon.O p" /o As you will have gathered from what I just wrote, the big news about the Gabriel Mk II is dynamics.O p" /o A good deal has changed between the original and Mk II versions of the AAS/Gabriel turntable, and, judging from the sonic results, every change has been for the better.And, brother, is this news good!If, like me, you used to think that digital owned dynamic range, once you hear plucked strings or sharply struck timps through the Da Vinci Mk II you will think differently.
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As a result, details, both musical and engineering-related, are clearer than ever.
Among other things, Im told that the center of gravity of the massive base, into which the equally massive platter fits, has been recalculated; the constrained-layer materials of which the base is made are new and the way they are joined together is more precise;.O p" /o Those of you whove read my review of the original Gabriel/Da Vinci (reprinted in our 2011 Guide to Vinyl Playback,.(The other is the Walker Black Diamond.) Though the Da Vinci costs a lot of money (66,900 for the table, motor, and one tonearm base in Aston-Martin Black Onyx finish, plus another 12,070 for the tonearm if you have a lot of money.Almost every time we do an Analog Buyers Guide we feature a picture of the AAS Gabriel/Da Vinci turntable on the cover.When such neutrality, resolution, and transparency are joined, as they are in the Da Vinci Mk II, to unstinting energy at very low levels and very loud ones, you get (with the best sources) a leap in fidelity and realism.O p" /o As I tried to say in my Technical Brain review, when a source, a speaker, or a piece of electronics gets timing rightthe sequence of events, fine and coarse, that go into the sounding of a noteit also gets spatiality right.The thing isnt just faster and more clearly focused than analog usually sounds; its also more complete.It has a tonearm-board that is made of steel and a new platter construction.17500.00.